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Ever consistent with the identity of GUESS, the new jewellery collection presents styles that will appeal to fashion lovers and all Guess guys and girls! Guess jewellery is innovative and constantly offers a cool, timeless and sophisticated repertoire.

All GUESS jewellery has either rhodium or 12ct gold or rose gold plated.  The jewellery is individually hand polished with the GUESS logo detailing and attention to the design makes the brand a stand out.  All stones used in the Guess range are Swarovski.  Swarovski is known as a high quality product worldwide and supplies the best crystals globally.

Highlights of the Guess collection include the E-Motions, Gisele, Miami and #FeelGuess.  The E-Motions collection is a design made up of two embracing circles.  The idea behind the hollow round frame is reminiscent of looking out through an open window and letting our imaginations fly.  The Gisele charm has an extremely innovative design with a heart shaped frame featuring a bolder and shinier look.  Iconic Guess elements can be seen in the engraved logo and the small rotating G that connects the pendant to the chain through a sparkling link.  Miami brings a vivid and colourful summer in the hottest location on the East coast to mind, this linear collection is completely covered with sparkling crystals in a rainbow gradient colour combination.  Lastly, the #FeelGuess collection is for real 'social' Guess girls and embodies the quintessential essence of the brand.  The line features iconic Guess elements, such as triangles and question marks, whilst a star charm takes you to Los Angeles, where the brand was born.

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